* Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.² Tower Records Exklusiv-Edition Actionfiguren-Set (4 Figuren)

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Heavy Metal

Tower Records Exklusiv-Edition

  • Charaktere: f.a.k.k. 2, f.a.k.k. 2 Holyland-Park, Lord Tyler And zeek mit Zubehör.
  • Film: Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.²
  • Hersteller: Made by Moore Aktion Collectibles, Inc. in 2000 and Long Out Of Produktion.
  • Herstellerjahr: 2000
  • Größe: ca. 15cm / 6 inches
  • Künstler: Sculpted by Clayburn Moore and the Shiflett Brothers.
  • Character Designs: by Simon Bisley. f.a.k.k. 2 Character modelled After and Played by Julie Strain (Manga).

Heavy Metal 2000 F.a.k.k. 2 – 4 steht Exclusive Box Set by Moore Aktion Collectibles. Based man Kevin eastman' S Heavy Metal 2000: f.a.k.k. 2. This 4 steht Set was a tower Records Exclusive. Mit Regular Julie Strain (Manga) (Red Outfit), Holyland-Park Julie Strain (Manga) (Blue Outfit), Zeek, and the Villainous Lord Tyler, All Come With Accessaries. Figuren are 6 Zoll Tall. The Acronym f.a.k.k. (Federation ASSIGNED ketogenic kilzone) is a Universal Warning to all Federation Deep Space Navigators. It Indicates Jahr Extreme bio-hazard to all carbon-based Life Forms, from einfach one-cell Organisms to Complex Sentient Life. f.a.k.k. 2 Indicates hat bio-hazard exponentially More Dangerous, Jahr Area Where Life enters and only Death Remains. f.a.k.k. 2 is auch The Name Of A World so Sublime, with a Secret so great, that ONLY THE MOST Terrifying Einsatzbereich Could Keep the Klappen Away. And Now f.a.k.k. 2 is a Woman Who has assumed The Name Of The World She Cherished, When That Name Alone Could No Longer Protect her Tranquil Paradise from Greed, Cruelty and Zerstörung. With Rache in her Soul, Love in her Heart and two Fully Automatic, 4-barreled Blasters in her Hands, f.a.k.k. 2 is a Ravishing Avenger wurde Deadly Mission. Hat steel-eyed Huntress and Expert Warrior. f.a.k.k. 2 Fights with a single Purpose. She Will Not Rest until She 's Freed her Sister from the Ruthless, power-hungry Monster Who Abducted her When He Ravaged Their Majestic Planet and Stole It 's Greatest Secret. Lord Tyler – Ruthless, Evil and Sadistic, He Discovers The Key to Universal Rule on the f.a.k.k. 2 LED. After Destroying All Of The unschuldigen There, He Sets Out To FULFILL His Every Twisted Desire.