* WOW Actionfigur BOX Korg Highmountain

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World of Warcraft

-Actionfigur zum Spiel-

  • Figur: Korg Highmountain
  • Film/Spiel: World of Warcraft
  • Serie: 3
  • Größe: ca.
  • Hersteller: DC Unlimited
  • Erscheinungsjahr:
  • Besonderheiten: limited

Tauren hunters are unlike any other in their respect for nature and its bountiful gifts. Every hunt is steeped in ritual and prayer to honor the Earth Mother and the ultimate sacrifice made by the hunter's quarry. The hunters were the lifeblood of the nomadic tribes that wandered the plains of Kalimdor before the tauren joined the Horde and founded the plateau city of Thunder Bluff. Tauren as a people loathe unnecessary bloodshed to achieve their goals, but one would be a fool to mistake their desire to avoid violence as a weakness. In this war-torn world, the tauren do not hesitate to protect their lands and allies, ferociously crushing their enemies beneath a stampede of mighty hooves. Korg Highmoutain stands at 10.25" tall.